Brian Wall
Artist Biographical Information


1931 London, England


1961-62 Ealing College of Art, Middlesex, England
1962-72 Central School of Art & Design, London.
1969-92 University of California, Berkeley


1957 School of Architecture, London
1959 Drian Gallery, London
1960 Drian Gallery, London
1962 Grabowski Gallery, London
1963 Manchester City Art Gallery, England
1964 Grabowski Gallery, London
1966 Grosvenor Gallery, London
1967 Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, England
1968 Grosvenor Gallery, London
1971 William Sawyer Gallery, San Francisco
1973 San Jose State University Art Gallery, California
1974 Quay Gallery, San Francisco
St. Mary's College, Moraga, California
1976 Braunstein/Quay Gallery, San Francisco
Dootson/Calderhead Gallery, Seattle University of Nevada, Las Vegas
1977 Sculpture Now, New York
1978 Braunstein/Quay Gallery, San Francisco
Sculpture Now, New York
1979 Max Hutchinson Gallery, Houston
1981 Max Hutchinson Gallery, New York. Catalogue
1982 California State University at Stanislaus
"Brian Wall: Retrospective," Seattle Art Museum, Washington, Catalogue
1983 "Brian Wall: Retrospective," San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Catalogue
John Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco
1987 Simon Lowinsky Gallery, New York
1992 Francis Graham-Dixon Gallery, London
1995 Brian Wall: Lyrical Steel, Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Catalogue.
1999 Jerinigan Wicker Fine Arts, San Francisco


1958 "Contemporary British Sculpture," Arts Council, London
1960 "Benjamin, Tilson, Wall," AIA Gallery, London
1961 Second Paris Bienniale,Musee d'Art Moderne, Paris Sixth Congress I.U.A., South Bank, London,
1962 "Joven Escultura Inglesa," Gallery Ateneo, Madrid and Museum of Modern Art, Bilbao
1962 "Contemporary British Sculpture," Arts Council, London London Group, London
1963 "British Art Today," San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
1963 Museum of Contemporary Art, Dallas
1963 Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, California
1963 118, Kasmin Gallery, London
1964 "The London Group Jubilee," Tate Gallery, London
1965 "Sculpture of the Sixties," Tate Gallery, London
1966 "Fifty Years of Sculpture," Grosvenor Gallery, London
1966 "Sculpture in the Open Air," Greater London Council, Battersea Park, London, Catalogue
1968 "New British Sculpture and Painting," Organized by Whitechapel Art Gallery for UCLA Galleries. Traveled to: University Art Museum, Berkeley, California; Portland Art Museum, Oregon; Vancouver Art Gallery, British Columbia; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston. Catalogue
1968 "British Sculpture and Painting, Collection of the Leicestershire Education Authority, " from the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, Catalogue
1968 "Contemporary Arts Fair," Strozzi Palace, Florence, Catalogue
Exhibition of British Sculpture, Coventry Cathedral, England, Catalogue
1968 "New British Sculpture,"Arnolfini gallery, Bristol, England, Catalogue
1968 Open Air Sculpture, Festival of London "Sculpture in a City" Birmingham, Liverpool and Southampton, England, Catalogue
1969 "Open Air Sculpture," Scottish Arts Council, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee,
1970 Holland Park Sculpture Exhibition, London
1970 "British Sculpture Out of the Sixties," Institute of Contemporary Art, London, Catalogue
1972 "British Sculptors '72," Royal Academy of Arts, London, Catalogue
1974 "Serra, Wall, Zecher," San Francisco Art Institute, Catalogue
1974 "Sixteen West Coast Artists," Galerie Allen, Vancouver, British Columbia
1974 "Public Sculpture/Urban Environment," Oakland Museum, California, Catalogue
1976 "Bay Area Sculpture Retrospective," James Willis Gallery, San Francisco
1976 "20 American Sculptors," University of Texas, Dallas,
1977 "Inaugural Exhibition," Max Hutchinson Gallery, Houston
1977 "A Silver Jubilee Exhibition of Contemporary Battersea Park, London, British Sculpture." Catalogue
1977 "Outdoor Sculpture," City of Palo Alto, California
1979 "Aspects of Abstract," Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, California, Catalogue
1980 "Sculpture in California 1975-80," San Diego Museum of Art, California, Catalogue
1980 "Eleventh International Sculpture Conference," Washington, D.C., Catalogue
1980 "Shidoni's Sixth Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition," Shidoni Foundry and Gallery, Tesuque, New Mexico
1981 "Polychrome," Hansen Fuller Goldeen Gallery, San Francisco
1981 "British Sculpture in the Twentieth Century, Symbol and Imagination 1951- 1980," Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, Book
1981 "Sculpture Now: Contemporary American Sculpture" Park West Gallery, Southfield, Michigan,
1982 John Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco
1982 "Forgotten Dimension... A Survey of Small Sculpture in California," Fresno Arts Center, California, and traveling through 1984, Catalogue
1982 "One Hundred Years of California Sculpture," Oakland Museum, California, Catalogue
1982 "Twelfth International Sculpture Conference," Oakland, California,S/1
1983 "The Planar Dimension: Geometric Abstraction by Bay Area Artist," Civic Arts Gallery, Walnut Creek, California
1983 "Chicago International Art Exposition," Chicago, Illinois
1985 "St. Ives: 1939 - 64," Tate Gallery, London, cat.
1985 "Going Public: Sculpture from Studio to Site," Civic Arts Gallery, Walnut Creek
1986 "40th Annual San Francisco Arts Commission Festival," Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco
1987 "Sculpture and Works in Relief," John Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco
1987 "New Acquisitions," John Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco
1987 "Sculpture Fields," Max Hutchinson Gallery, Kenoza Lake, New York
1987 "The Ethnic Idea," Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley Faculty Drawing Show, Worth Ryder Gallery, U.C. Berkeley
1988 "Bay Area Sculpture: Metal, Stone and Wood," Palo Alto Cultural Center, Palo Alto
1988 "Post-War British Abstract Art," Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London
1989 Art Against AIDS/San Francisco, Butterfield & Butterfield
1989 San Francisco Faculty Show, Worth Ryder Art Gallery, U.C. Berkeley
1992 "Wagner, Wall, Wareham," Pacific Rim Sculpture Group, Contract Design Center, San Francisco
1992 "Annesley, Levy, Twyford, Wall," Tallberg Taylor Gallery, Greenwich, England
1994 "The Constructed Space: Painting, Sculpture and Verse Commemorating the Poet W.S.Graham", The Mansion House Ilkley, England, Catalogue
1994 "Sixteen California Artists," Galerie Sho, Tokyo
1994 Bell, Benjamin, Wall, Isis Gallery, Leigh-on-Sea, England, Catalogue
1995 Abstract British Art: Sculpture, Flowers East Gallery, London
1996 Abstract British Art: Drawings, Flowers East Gallery, London
1997 U.C. Berkeley Art Faculty, President's House, Berkeley


Tate Gallery
London Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, England
Contemporary Art Gallery
London Arts Council of Great Britain Cornwall Education Committee
England Penwith Society, St. Ives, Cornwall
England Leicestershire Education Authority
England British Council
London Museum of Art
Art Gallery of New South Wales
University Art Museum, Berkeley
California Oakland Museum
California University of Houston
Texas Towson State University
Maryland Seattle Art Museum
Washington Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
William Rainey Harper College, Illinois


Prizes: 1975 Sculpture Competition Finals, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), San Francisco, California
1979 Sculpture Competition Finals, Los Angeles Harbor Department, California
1980 Sculpture Competition Finals, City of Livermore, California Sculpture Commisions: 1968 "Thornaby" for New Town Center, Thornaby, Great Britain
1978 "Ali" for College of Technology, University of Houston, Texas
1980 "Three Corners" for Towson State University, Baltimore, Maryland
Grants: 1978-79 Humanities Research Fellowship Program, University of California at Berkeley


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