Louis St. Lewis
Artist Biographical Information


The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA
The New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA
The Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, GA


2006  Group Show, Fearington Smith Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2005  The " O" invitational, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA
2005  Solo Exhibition, New Fables for the 21st Century, Tyndall Galleries, Chapel Hill NC
2005  Solo Exhibition,  Collages, Crooks Corner, Chapel Hill, NC
2005  Group Show, Broadhurst Gallery, Pinehurst NC
2005  Recent Aquisitions, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans
2005  Group Show, Beaufort Fine Arts, Beaufort NC
2005  Solo Exhibition,  Bad Boy of the Triangle, Lee Hansley Gallery, Raleigh, NC
2005 Commisioned artwork for  for TOSCA,  The Opera Company of North Carolina
2005 Commisioned artwork  for 50th anniversary PLAYMAKERS Reperatory Company
2005  First Place Award, from Juror Judy Chigaco  51st Annual  DAG, competition
2005  12 Inches of Fame, collaboration with Sean Yselt, CBGB' 315 Gallery, NYC
2004  The Body Show invitational, Craven Allen Gallery , Durham, NC
2004  Solo Exhibitiion, Center of The Earth Gallery, Charlotte NC
2004  12   Inches of Fame, collaboration with Sean Ysuelt, Gallery Radicci, New Orleans
2004  The RAIN  invitational, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA
2004  Strangers in Paradox  St.Lewis & Yseult, Sylvia Schmidt Gallery, New Orleans
2003  Commisioned poster for ARTSPLOSURE festival Raleigh, NC
2003  Solo Exhibiton, Jernigan-Wicker Fine Arts, Paris, France
2002  Solo Exhibition, Galerie Alexine & Jernigan-Wicker Fine Arts, Mougin,France
2002  High Voltage, Louis St. Lewis night at MYTHOS to benefit Charlotte Shock
2002  Solo Exhibiton, Center of the Earth Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2001  Solo Exhibition, Clear Vision, Gallery C, Raleigh, NC
2000  Solo Exhibition, Gallery C, Raleigh, NC
1999  Solo Exhibition, Jernigan-Wicker Fine Arts, San Francisco , CA
1998  Solo Exhibition, POP MARTYRS, Gallery C, Raleigh, NC
1998  Solo Exhibition, Doppleganger, Halsey Gallery, College of Charleston, SC
1997  Solo Exhibition, Wild Flowers, The America's Collection, Coral Gables, FL
1996  Solo Exhibition, Angerls and Devils, Broadhurst Gallery, Pinehurst, NC
1996  Solo Exhibition, Sex in the Garden, Gallery C, Raleigh, NC
1994  Solo Exhibition, Strangers in Paradox, Danville Museum of Art, Danville, VA
1993  Solo Exhibition, Notes from Sybarus, Victor Huggins Gallery, Roanoke,VA
1992  Shrines from the Post New South, Wake Forest University, Winston Salem
1992 Shrines from the Post New South, The Alternative Museum , NYC
1992 Solo Exhibition, Leaving Babylon, Mariposa Gallery , Washington, DC
1992 Solo Exhibition, Glacier, Gallery C, Raleigh ,NC
1990 Solo Exhibition , Fin De Siecle, Gallery C,Raleigh, NC
1990 Solo Exhibition, Evelyn Bengston Gallery , Greensboro, NC
1989 Invitational, Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA
1988 Solo Exhibition, Gallerie la Maison de New York, NYC
1986 Solo Exhibition, Judge Gallery, Washington, DC
1986 Solo Exhibition, Gallery C, Raliegh, NC
1985 Solo Exhibition, Louise Jones Brown gallery, Duke University, Durham, NC
1984 Invitational, Southeast Center for Contempory Art, Winston Salem, NC
1984 Solo Exhibition, Palazzo Crosetti, Rome, Italy
1983 Invitational, Pinnacle Gallery, Rochester, NY


1994 Best in Triangle, Spectator Magazine, Raleigh, NC
Best of 1994, Durham Morning Herald, Durham, NC
Featured Artist, Artsplosure, Raleigh, NC


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" It's like Hieronymous Bosch meets MTV"

                                               Andy Warhol

"St.Lewis' spirituality is a unioun of faith and science anchored in sensory experience.And for all of his  technological, semiotic  and esthetic talents, his greatest weapon is ecstacy itself."
                                              Robert Indiana

"Louis St.Lewis is the consumate showman. Those who think that  art, buisiness and showmanship cannot go hand in hand should take a few lessons. He is a student of the marketplace and of art history and he has a body of work that is staggering."

                                               Blue Greenberg, Durham Morning Herald

(St.Lewis')" Assemblages are part Louise Nevelson, Louise Bourgeois "personages" and Marisol, with a healthy dose of African Nkisi references thrown in."

                                               Michelle Natale, The News & Observer

"One of the most talented artists to arise from that moss-covered Gothic chrysalis called the South."
                                              Anne Heller, ARTPAPERS

"St.Lewis is lush, enigmatic and self referencing through suggestion displaying art and life intertwined."
                                              Tom Jones, Danville Museum of Art

"He is a true media child, It's very interesting to me to see the whole Orwellian-Barburian-Warholian phrophesy come true in the person of Louis St.Lewis."

                                               Kate Dobbs Ariail,  The Post and Courier

"I like his uncanny mixture of pop culture and high art, of  the mythic and the personal, of engagement with the erotic, and a certain nonchalant approach to it all, very much in keeping with the attitude of the post-modern."
                                              Max Halperen, Spectator Magazine

"As a conceptual artist, he is a total package, if people were electrical current, Louis St. Lewis would definately be HIGH VOLTAGE."

                                              Mark Sloan, Halsey Gallery, College of Charleston

"An uncanny mix of Sex, Glamour and Antiquity, his work melds surrealist mystery with the pop pulsations of alternative rock."

                                              D. Eric Bookhardt, Gambit Weekly

"In the cultured manner of a tasteful dandy, st Lewis pushes style, teasing us rather than assaulting the viewers senses."
                                              Linda L. Brown, ARTPAPERS