Lucy Gray
Artist Biographical Information


2000 International Art Exposition, San Francisco
2000 City Hall, New Haven Institute for Unpopular Cutlure, San Francisco
2000 San Francisco Ballet Jernigan/Wicker Fine Arts Gallery, San Francisco
1999 City Hall, San Francisco
1999 Church Divinity School of Pacific, Berkeley
1999 Jernigan Wicker Fine Arts, San Francisco
1998 Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
1997 Anita Seipp Gallery, Palo Alto
1997 Jernigan Wicker Fine Arts, San Francisco
1997 Plano ArtCentre, Plano, Texas
1997 Thomas Reynolds' Fine Art Gallery, San Francisco


2001 Animal Faces: A Wild Face Painting Book, Nature Company, San Francisco
2000 Archipeligo Literary Magazine, Internet Independent on Sunday, London
1999 New York Times, New York In Nevada, by David Thomson, Knopf, New York
1997 Beneath Mulholland: Thoughts on Hollywood and Its Ghosts, by David Thomson, Little Brown, London
1996 Rosebud: The Story of Orson Welles, by David Thomson, Knopf, New York
1993 Animal Faces: A Wild Face Painting Book, Nature Company, San Francisco
1985-94 Elle, Interview, Movieline, Playgirl, Boston Globe, L.A. Times, The Real Paper


2000 Teen Files Lucy Gray, A Portrait by Victoria Stewart
1998 Naming the Homeless
1981 WNNE-T.V., Art Commentator, Hanover, New Hampshire
1980-81 WVPR Public Radio, Arts Reviews; Director, Radio Plays WNHV Radio, ABC Affiliate, Hosted Talk Show on the Arts and Politics


1999 City College of San Francisco
1995 California State University, Long Beach


Brooks-Mathews Foundation
Rockefeller Philanthropic Collaborative
San Francisco Foundation, Donor Advised Funds
Schultz Foundation
Temple Emanu-El Rabbis' Philanthropy Fund
Windfall Foundation


2000 Millard Sheets Gallery New Photography Competition, Los Angeles
1996 Communication Arts Photography Annual
1995 Advertising Photographers of America, National Jury's Choice Award
1981 American Bar Association, Silver Gavel FILM
1985 "White Lies," Producer, Feature Film
1984 "Phoenix Bird," Producer, Docudrama, Danish Film Commission
1981-83 Clark Communications Film Distributors, Acquisitions Director
1979 Lebanon College, Teacher, Women in Film


1994 Michael Kenna, Photographer's Master Class
1992-93 San Francisco Art Institute, Still Photography, Extension
1980 University of New Hampshire, Bachelor's Degree, Film and European Literature
1978-80 Dartmouth College, Film Production and Film History


Diane Johnson and John Murray, Paris
Baroque Philharmonia Orchestra, San Francisco
Ann Barry, San Francisco
Shirley and Scott Wilson, Seattle